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Mineral fertiliser based on natural zeolite

The products ensure the quantity of crop yield because whole doses of the fertiliser can be applied at the time of planting. The zeolite-based fertiliser adsorbs molecules and ions or, more precisely, nutrients contained in the fertiliser, slowly releasing them into the soil over an longer period of time. The slow release of nutrients ensures that plants are completely nourished in the course of the whole vegetative period. 



  • releases nutrients gradually throughout the vegetative period
  • retains water in sandy soils
  • reduces nitrate content in crops

Exceptional value of zeolite fertiliser

A slow release of nutrients sorbed in the fertiliser enables plants to make use of the nutrients more effectively with minimal losses of rejected nutrients. As a result, the fertiliser also protects the environment. Steady plant nourishment throughout the whole vegetative time ensures their effective growth, vitality as well as a higher immunity against fungous diseases.

Fertiliser with slow release of nutrients

A slow release of nutrients ensures that plants are sufficiently nourished by nutrients contained in the zeolite-based fertiliser preparation right until the end of the vegetative time. Side-dressing is necessary to a much smaller degree. Steady plant nourishment during the whole vegetative time has positive effects on the quantity of yield and quality of technological properties, which is then reflected in the overall economic aspects of growing crops. A slow release of nutrients in the zeolite fertiliser avoids plants from receiving excessive amounts of nutrients, as a result of which the nitrate content in the yield never exceeds the hygienic norm. This is particularly important and crucial in the case of vegetables.

Clinoptilolite, as a natural zeolite, contains significant amounts of biogenic and trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, iron, titanium, molybdenum, manganese, and more. As a result, fertilisers based on natural zeolite have positive effects on the total health condition of plants, including their process of flowering, ripening, and coloration – as well as their taste properties. 


25 kg bag | 1 000 kg big bag | bulk material, silo

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