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Complex soil additive that improves properties of soil, increases efficiency and utilization of nutrients in soil

ZeoSand is a natural material used as an addition to fertilizers, soil substrates, composts and other soil applications. Its properties brings added value in the form of binding water and nutrients in the soil, aeration of the soil and improving soil fertility.


Benefits of ZeoSand for improving soil properties

  • allows for nutrients (N, K, Ca, and Mg) retention, content regulation and slow release in the soil, and these nutrients become more and longer available for the plants that can utilize them more effectively
  • regulates water regime in the plants and ensures more effective water management
  • increases soil water capacity and retention
  • it has anti-acidification effect, improving soil structure that results in soil yielding increase and aeration
  • prevents from nutrients washout in underground water - protects underground water and contributes to environmental protection
  • creates conditions for effective growth, better condition of plants and building of a strong root system
  • it replenishes biogenic and trace elements, e.g. calcium, molybdenum, manganese,titanium, etc.

How soil conditioner ZeoSand works in the soil?

ZeoSand – soil conditioner, owing to its unique structure, this soil additive exhibits excellent ion-exchange properties, enables reversible hydration and dehydration, binds and slowly releases nutrients into the soil, makes effective use of fertiliser nutrients (NPK fertilisers), positively controls soil pH, and facilitates root system growth.

Soil conditioner application – acidic soils, heavy clay soils, sandy soils; as a component for substrates – replanting, hydroponic growing, fertiliser mixtures, fertiliser production, lawn and golf green sanding; regeneration/re-cultivation of contaminated soils – conditioning and detoxication.

Advantages of the soil conditioner ZeoSand

  • soil structure improvement – soil aeration
  • high ion-exchange capability (1.2-1.5 mol/kg = 120-150 meq/100 g),
  • enables soil nutrient content retention, control, and slow release – N, K, Ca, Mg
  • more effective use of fertilisers with soil conditioners ZeoSand (economic advantages)
  • retains/controls water content = an improved plant root system – better crops (agronomic
  • prevents nutrients from being washed away into ground water resources / protects ground water
    resources (environmental advantages)

Recomended fractions

0 - 0,2 mm | 0,5 - 1 mm


25 kg bag | 1 000 kg big bag | bulk material, silo

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